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Dentist giving an injection of anesthesia to the female patient before dental treatment.

We are all familiar with dental procedures that require parts of your mouth to be numbed so you won’t feel any pain from the procedure. There’s good reason to numb your jaw while the dentist is working on your teeth or gums. Your teeth are nourished by blood vessels and filled with nerves so that […]

Pretty young dental patient in chair during exam of her healthy gums and teeth

Your gums do more than simply hold your teeth in place — they’re pulling double duty! Gums are a barrier where your mouth meets the outside world. Because of this, gums pick up a lot of bacteria. That’s not a problem by itself, but when the bacteria grows and spreads in the mouth, it can […]

Young boy with missin front tooth smiling in a Christmas Elf costume

Remember that kid’s song “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”? The kid singing was always cute and had a lisp because his teeth were missing. Well, if you have missing teeth as an adult, it isn’t really that cute. It makes you self-conscious, it makes it harder to enjoy your favorite […]

Graphic art anxious woman in dental chair with dentist ready to start work

When you think about visiting the dentist, how do you feel? Anxious, worried, or stressed perhaps. Wouldn’t it be nice if going to the dentist was as routine as getting a haircut or manicure? Well it can be. Many modern dental offices focus on making sure the patient experience is as pain-free and stress-free as […]

happy woman holding cup of coffee on sofa considering teeth whitening

As a child, you probably took your bright, new white teeth for granted. But, by now your smile may be showing signs of long-term exposure to things that make teeth look dull, yellow or stained. Teeth age and the surface enamel gets worn and stained. Different foods, coffee, cigarettes, wine, even illnesses or those missed […]