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It’s no secret that dental work can be expensive and time consuming, so much so that many people put off having necessary dental work done in order to save money. Dr. Jesus Medina Jr., DDS looks to help you save your money by offering these tips for keeping your teeth clean outside of the dental […]

You’ve heard the terms before: partial dentures, full dentures, fixed bridges, removable dentures.   For anyone who grew up with the cartoon notion of dentures as a set of clacking teeth you might be surprised at the sophistication and variety of dental appliances that are available to restore your smile — and your ability eat all […]

What’s the first question you are asked at a dentist’s appointment? Chances are, it’s something about the frequency of your flossing. Most of us don’t floss enough. However, did you know you could be doing it too much? Flossing is an extremely important part of your oral care routine. It helps to prevent gum disease […]