dental braces can change your smile

Fix your Smile and Change Your Life with Dental Braces

dental braces can change your smile

In the past, people associated braces with high orthodontist bills, complaining teenagers and uncomfortable braces worn sometimes for years. Braces were a rite of passage for many young people who could afford them. Other people who wanted to fix their smile and improve their health sometimes couldn’t afford braces, or didn’t feel they could justify the expense because their teeth didn’t seem so bad. They grew up and resigned themselves to less than perfect smile and higher dental bills later in life.

But times have changed, and braces are faster, easier and available to more people than ever before.  Children and adults are finding out that braces don’t have to change your lifestyle, but they may change your life.

Celebrities Wear Braces, Too


You may think you look fine without braces, and you’re probably right. But even people who are already considered attractive find value in getting braces. Today, even celebrities wear braces proudly, and not just in private. They sport fashionable braces at award shows and other venues where they are sure to get noticed. Superstar Beyoncé showed off her braces to the world, looking as gorgeous as ever.  Faye Dunaway straightened her teeth at 61.  And, country singer Faith Hill sported braces at The Grammy Awards. Forty-five years old, she says she forgot to wear her retainer. As a matter of fact, lots of celebrities, young and old, have worn braces. They know that teeth are the key to a beautiful and healthy smile that will last for many years.

Top 6 Reasons to Get Braces

Here are six important reasons to get dental braces if you need them:

    1. Appearance–Your smile is your greatest asset, and your appearance will be remarkably improved when your teeth are straight and beautiful.  And, people with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful, giving them an advantage for better job and other opportunities.


    1. Health–Of course, when your teeth aren’t aligned they can build up hard-to-reach plaque, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Not everyone realizes that misaligned teeth can result in headaches, earaches and even cardiovascular problems.


    1. Self-esteem–Just knowing you’re more attractive can give you that extra self-confidence you need to be more self-assured in everyday life. People with high levels of self-confidence enjoy more success and happiness.


    1. Longevity– Healthy teeth and gums may help you to live longer. Studies show that people who floss daily live on average 7 years longer than those who don’t. Also, people with gum disease are significantly more likely to suffer coronary artery disease.


    1. Prevent breakage–Teeth that are misaligned may apply uneven pressure during chewing, resulting in chipping or cracking.  Crooked teeth may also simply wear down over time.


  1. Easy to clean–Once your teeth line up, you will no longer have places which are almost impossible to reach while brushing and flossing. This ease in cleaning will give you more motivation to take care of your teeth.

FASTBRACES® and Invisalign

las vegas girl teeth in braces
Dr. Medina can help you get straight teeth with several options.  He can keep you smiling with Invisalign braces, which are clear, comfortable and removable metal-free braces made specifically for you. These are great for appearance-conscious teens or adults, or anyone who wants the convenience of removing the aligners for meals or outings.

And, now Dr. Medina also provides a quick and easy teeth-straightening solution with FASTBRACES®. Fast, affordable and comfortable, FASTBRACES® uses a new technology with patented triangular brackets. The original FASTBRACES® Standard Metal™ is a popular, affordable alternative to traditional braces. Or you can choose FASTBRACES® Ceramic Clear™ which are more aesthetically pleasing because they are almost transparent. For those who qualify, there’s FASTBRACES®TURBO™ which can finish the process in as little as 120 days.

Dr. Medina can help you determine the best dental braces choice for you.

Find Dental Braces Near You in Las Vegas

Dr. Medina offers cosmetic, restorative and preventive dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada. With nearly 30 years experience, he welcomes both adults and children to his practice for the comprehensive care of teeth and gums. Contact Dr. Medina for more information on FASTBRACES®, Invisalign or other dental services.

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