periodontitis what is gum disease

Until recently, patients with gum disease dreaded the painful, invasive techniques and the long healing time involved in gum treatment procedures. Many patients delay treatment because of their anxiety over the grueling traditional approach to gum disease care and treatment which allows the disease more time to advance and cause tooth decay, gum erosion, and other health issues throughout the body.

Why is Early Gum Disease Care and Treatment so Important?

periodontitis what is gum diseaseGum disease afflicts many people and can lead to serious consequences. Some people are at higher risk of gum disease and may not know it. Misaligned bite, tobacco use, and some medications, including those that cause a dry mouth, may cause a higher risk of gum disease.  Poor dental hygiene and lack of regular dental care are other major causes of progressive gum disease.

Symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen gums and bleeding during toothbrushing. This stage of the disease is called gingivitis. If untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease in which the gum tissue itself retreats from the tooth and infection below the gum line sets in.  This can lead to a breakdown of the gums and bone tissue, as well as tooth decay and eventual loss of the tooth. And, the oral bacteria found in the gum tissue is implicated in other diseases as well, including colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

A Less Painful Approach to Gum Disease Treatment is Now Available

Because many patients fear the discomfort of traditional gum disease treatment, finding a solution to making gum care more appealing is an important advance for dentistry. Dr. Jesus Medina, DDS, recently announced a new gum disease care and treatment option to his patients, offering the revolutionary laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry procedure eliminates the need to cut the gums, using a fine laser to remove infection instead. And, it stimulates the growth of new, healthy tissue and speeds the recovery process. The procedure is far less painful than traditional gum disease treatment, so it does not require anesthesia or shots.

dr jesus medina las vegas dentist

Dr. Medina is eager to get the word out so that patients who are putting off treatment for their gum disease due to anxiety over pain and healing time know that there is a more gentle and effective option for gum disease care and treatment.  Call or contact our office today for more information or to get started on taking good care of your oral health today.

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