dr medina cosmetic dentistry before after

Jesus Medina Jr., DDS specializes in not only general dentistry in Las Vegas, but also is one of Las Vegas best cosmetic dentist practitioners. Cosmetic dentistry procedures run the gamut from simple whitening procedures or braces to porcelain veneers and porcelain fixed bridges to match your teeth’s natural sheen while fixing gaps and reshaping your smile. At https://drjesusmedinajrdds.com, you can get your new smile with little time and effort on your part. Of all the dentists in Las Vegas, Dr. Medina stands apart with his excellent service and wide range of dental procedures. Whether the job is bite correction, tooth filling, or a simple whitening procedure, Dr. Medina can handle it. One patient reports “My son – Sean had a complicated situation with his bite which Dr. Medina corrected perfectly!” showing that even pediatric dentistry is within reach at one simple location.

For many dental patients, tooth fillings are a necessary step in restoring their teeth, and what better to do that than composite fillings, offering a natural look and long-lasting effects? Cracked or missing teeth are also easy fixes, with everything from simple whitening procedures to enamel replacements.

Even removing tartar and plaque can be a cosmetic procedure, turning your teeth from stained and yellow to bright white in no time. The before and after picture below shows just how much a single visit can improve your smile:

dr medina cosmetic dentistry before after

A quick tartar removal to get a new, brighter smile!

You may need more than a cleaning to fix your teeth, however, and Jesus Medina Jr., DDS offers a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures for just that reason. Porcelain crowns, porcelain caps, porcelain veneers, and porcelain fixed bridges are all necessary implements for restoring your smile.

Occasionally decayed or broken teeth need to be fixed, and porcelain crowns and caps are used to not only repair them, but also match your teeth’s natural color and luster. Porcelain fixed bridges can literally “bridge” the gap between missing teeth, filling in and giving your smile a full appearance. This can be an alternative to dentures for many people, and many denture wearers upgrade from the removable appliance to a permanent dental replacement like these.

The cosmetic dentistry procedures listed here are just a few of those offered by Jesus Medina Jr., DDS. For more procedures, or to schedule an appointment online, visit https://drjesusmedinajrdds.com or call (702) 368-3627 for more information.


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