Type of Dentures

types of dentures

Various types of dentures can be made to replace just a few teeth or all of teeth in the mouth. Dentures are dental appliances worn in the mouth in place of natural teeth and help people to eat food, talk more clearly, and to improve appearance over missing, damaged, or broken teeth.There are three types of dentures available. A fixed bridge, a partial denture, and full plate dentures. Which type of denture your dentist recommends will depend on how many teeth are missing or how many teeth will need to be removed.A fixed bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. The false tooth or teeth are attached to nearby teeth then affixed into place with the use of a special cement.A partial denture is used when there are some teeth that can be saved. The partial denture can replace several teeth at once. A partial denture can be permanent, or fixed, or removable, and is often called a precision partial denture.

Full plate dentures are also called complete dentures. Conventional complete dentures are made after the teeth are removed. It can take several weeks to receive conventional dentures. Immediate complete dentures are put in immediately after the teeth are removed. Immediate complete dentures will need to be adjusted as gum tissue heals and shrinks from after the removal of the teeth.

Several appointments are needed for fitting and measurement to assure properly fitting dentures are made. They can also be adjusted as needed.

Dentures are typically made of ceramic or plastic and may have an acrylic base. These are made strong and with proper care can last many years. Even with their durability, normal wear and use may cause a need for dentures to be remade, repaired, or readjusted.

Why Get Dentures?

If you have missing, damaged, or broken teeth, you may wish to have dentures to replace missing teeth. If all of the remaining teeth will need to be removed, dentures can be very important. Whether getting full or partial dentures, there are a variety of reasons to get dentures. These include:

  • To be able to eat more foods
  • To eat more easily
  • To talk more easily and more clearly
  • To improve digestion
  • To keep remaining teeth from shifting position
  • To keep the face full and from becoming sunken
  • For a better smile

Dentures and Dental Services in Las Vegas

Dr. Jesus Medina offers a full range of dental services for Las Vegas residents, and has a broad range of experience with all types of dentures.  Call today to find out if you need dentures, and just as importantly, which types of dentures.

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